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Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life! When you look back at your special day, how do you want to remember it, in particular, your first dance!? Most couples awkwardly sway side to side, hoping their song will end as soon as possible. They want to get the first dance over with quickly and wash it way with a couple of drinks. But a few lessons with us will completely change that story! Every couple who takes lessons with us will walk on the dance floor knowing exactly what to expect. You will be prepared how and where to walk on, when to start the dance, what moves go with your song, and how to pose or dip to get great photos. You will have the confidence to know what to do so you can truly enjoy your first dance! We begin the process by learning your vision. We have taught couples who just want to get by with a few basic steps, some couples want to impress their guests with extra twists and turns, and some learn a full-blown choreography that knocks the socks off of everyone in the room. Whichever vision you have, or song that you choose, we will guide you to a first dance you will look back on and cherish.

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