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The goal of the Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay is to get students on the dance floor as quickly as possible.

Arthur Murray® Studios approaches teaching on a proven scholastic basis, enabling students to achieve whatever level of dance they desire. Instruction progresses through several levels. Known as the Medalist System, the method is used internationally, and the courses are designed for Social or Competition styles. The Medalist System includes: Associate and Full Programs in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Bar and Gold Star Standards. Our interrelated system of teaching, known as the Arthur Murray Method, is an efficient way for students to learn everything they need to know to dance, not just the steps.

At Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay, we believe in the team approach. You will learn to dance through the instruction of a team of trained instructors all working together to improve your performance on the dance floor.

Our Instructors

We carefully select and train our dance instructors by using individualized training programs that take advantage of the newest techniques and styles. Our team works together to develop the best instructors in the industry so you, the student, receive the best possible instruction.

Personal Lessons

Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay Dance Center provides a personalize experience for every student. We customize each dance program to meet your individual needs, goals and learning styles. Our personals provide one-on-one dance instruction and incorporate the entire team. Dancers can work on styling, technique, and general dance improvement in a one-on-one experience. We’ll keep detailed records on your progress as part of your instruction. You can also opt to have electronic access to your notes and video.

Group Classes

For those who want to work with a partner, our group classes provide an opportunity to dance with different individuals, develop strong habits and meet other dancers. As always, we emphasize technique, style and variation of patterns. You also may learn some new material that your regular instructor hasn’t shown you. Don’t worry, we’ll work on it until you master it.

Practice Parties

Scheduled practice parties help us keep everything fun. These sessions are for all of our students and are held weekly or semi-monthly. This relaxed environment lets you dance with instructors and students while applying all the dance skills you’ve learned in private and group sessions.


Medal Ball is a casual social gathering of all of the local Arthur Murray Dance Studios in the area! We host this event twice a year to celebrate the achievements of our students improving in their social dancing. It’s a graduation of sorts! The party filled with food, drinks, music, and dancing and we give recognition to each student who attends.


Showcase is another social gathering that typically takes place in a beautiful hotel ballroom. This event is more elegant and formal than our Medal Ball. It features an entire day of social dancing and provides the opportunity to dance all of your social dances in an organized format. Those who attend showcase become excellent dancers in any social setting, especially at fundraisers or suit and tie events.


This event is for those who want adventure! Dance-O-Rama is a showcase that takes place all over the United States, and abroad. There are Dance-O-Ramas in Hawaii, Greece, Croatia, Japan, Australia, Quebec, Cancun, and much more! These events are open to all Arthur Murrays world-wide! There are currently over 280 franchised studios! You will have the opportunity to meet people and dance all over the globe!

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