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Tango is known as “the dancer’s dance”. Passion, beauty, sexy, lust, dramatic, fiery! These are the ingredients that make this one of the most exciting and heart wrenching dances of all time! Legend has it that a noble prince fell in love with a woman of much lower class. He was so head over heels for her, but he can never be with her for it would shame the family name. The prince told a famous musician of the time of his dilemma. He asked that a music be made that can sooth the complexities in his heart. And thus, the tango emerged.

This music has reached all over the globe and has been especially unique in the Milongas of Argentina. Dancing the tango evokes connection: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can be incredibly fun, but also intense with the right person.

We teach Tango Dance Classes at Arthur Murray Dance Center. You will learn the fundamentals of how to Tango! Learning the tango helps you as a dancer learn the important aspects of connection. This will improve your dance skills in any genre! We teach couples dance classes and singles. (If you come in by yourself, your instructor will be your partner.) Come in and try a Tango Dance Class and experience why this is referred to as “the dancer’s dance.”

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