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Whether you’re getting ready for your big wedding day or just want to feel more comfortable dancing in a social setting, we offer five types of ballroom dance lessons that will teach you the basics of these smooth and standard dances in a fun and comfortable environment. The certified instructors at Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay Dance Center will work with you to personalize each lesson and match your individual goals and needs. Learn more about these dances here, and be sure to bring your dancing shoes!


What once originated as a German folk dance has evolved into one of the most popular dances for weddings, quinceañeras and other formal parties found in ballrooms today. It is characterized by fluid movements that give the illusion of dancers floating throughout the dance floor, which is achieved through good styling, correct posture, light steps and rise and fall. Though elegant in appearance, the steps are actually very simple to learn with its slow 1-2-3 beat, and our instructors will ensure you and your partner leave your ballroom dance lessons with the confidence to perform the Waltz on your own.


One of the most popular types of dances, Tango is also one of the most beautiful and dramatic. It is danced to livelier, more complex music that is repetitive in nature and typically counted in either 16 or 32 beats. Characterized by fluid graceful movements and controlled staccato footwork, Tango’s distinctive style involves one partner leading the other around the dance floor to the music’s unique rhythm.

Viennese Waltz

Unlike the classic and slow Waltz, this type of ballroom dance is extremely fast paced for a more upbeat and purposeful feel to the movements. It features graceful yet wide-sweeping turns that require dancers to increase their stamina in order to keep the energy high throughout every performance. Our expert instructors break down this speedy dance in a simple and engaging manner so you can learn even the trickiest steps without any challenges.

Fox Trot

With the Fox Trot, you’ll experience why it’s called the “First Impression” dance, as it was the first social dance that allowed dance partners to be closer than an arm’s length apart and gave the chance to engage in conversation while dancing. It is known for flowing, smooth movements a combination of consistent rhythms and quicker dance steps. During your lessons, you’ll learn how to maintain an attractive posture and get comfortable with maneuvering through slow, medium and fast tempos.


The Quickstep is considered as a hybrid of the popular Charleston and Fox Trot dances of the 1920s. Also known as the English version of the Fast Fox Trot, it is characterized by the closed position of the dance partners and specific forms of feet placement, kicks and lifts. To give the appearance of minimal effort during your performance, our instructors will focus on basic techniques to enable you to keep up with the fast, precise movements required by both partners.

Start Dancing Today

As with many standard ballroom dances, it is important to gain a solid foundation of knowledge prior to attempting a routine, whether it’s at a wedding reception, dance club or your own living room. The certified instructors at Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay Dance Center will work with you at your own pace to show you these moves step-by-step in a manner that will keep you enthusiastic about your new dance journey throughout the entire process. For more information on ballroom dance lessons for all levels of dance, from beginners to advanced, call us today at 414-877-0799 or stop into our studio at 109 East Silver Spring Drive in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

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