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Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay

Basic Introductory Program

The dances you want to learn right away are developed at a basic level. We emphasize three elements: foot position, rhythm and timing, and leading or following, and we do it with enough variety to keep the experience interesting.

Bronze Level Social Dance Programs

Associate Bronze Program

Dancers will expand their variety, footwork and technique while acquiring freer movement around the floor. Dancers start developing the portrayal of a dance’s characteristics in the form of styling. The Associate Bronze Program is popular among those individuals who want to get out on the dance floor as soon as possible.

Full Bronze Program

This is our complete social dance program. Instructors will help dancers develop timing and techniques for every dance selected. Styling will make the dancer look and feel comfortable on the dance floor, while strengthening your lead and following, no matter who your partner is or what music is being played. Bronze level dancers have reached the point where they have fun, and that shows in the confidence they exhibit. Techniques learned at this level will be remembered forever, as dancers won’t forget the elements of each dance.

Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay
Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay

Silver Program

Dancers will be stand outs no matter where they are with the elaborate movements in the Silver Program. This program is a dance standard with a high degree of styling. A couple will glide across the floor with natural directional changes using a smooth continuity of movements. Here, technique, balance and control and styling take on a completely new meaning. This is the start of a professional style and look for dancers.

Gold Program

For dancers interested in performances, competitions or exhibitions, our Gold standard is perfect. The intricate patterns can only be used when both partners are skilled enough. Performances require showmanship, styling, technique and choreography, and the material isn’t usually suited for a crowded dance floor. Even though the program takes a lot of work, dancers will be regarded as outstanding when they are done.

Want to get started? Just schedule an introductory lesson with a trained instructor. During the lesson, we’ll talk about your current level and make recommendations on the perfect course for you.

Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay

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