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Arthur Murray Dance Center, Whitefish BayBallroom dancing is good for you – especially now.

It’s good for your physical and mental health. It helps reduce stress. It keeps you active. And keeps your brain working to figure out all those new steps.

Usually dance lessons mean coming to our studio and working with our team of talented and experienced instructors. But during the crisis, we want to turn your living room or your kitchen into a dance floor. And let us teach you.

Now more than ever, you need ballroom dancing. You need a break from what’s going on around you. Maybe call it a tonic for the soul. You need to escape from the chaos and clutter of the rest of your life and concentrate on you.

Not yet convinced that this is a great idea? A great opportunity to bring back date night? A wonderful way to spice up your relationship? Here are 10 more reasons why virtual dance lessons are for you and you should sign up now.

The Top 10 Reasons to Learn to Dance

Reason #10. It gets you up and MOVING.

Reason #9. It challenges and grows your brain. Any time you have to innovate and learn in a new way, you build new neural pathways, thereby making you a better learner.

Reason #8. It makes you a more independent dancer. Everyone wants to dance with the best dancers. The best dancers are those who have complete command of their movement, regardless of who they are dancing with.

Reason #7. Your instructors come to you! You can finally dance from the comfort of your own home – even in your pajamas.

Reason #6. Each of your sessions is video recorded and provided to you for your review and practice at your leisure.

Reason #5. Focus and Flow. Learning from a virtual lesson requires 100% focus. Because your teacher is not there to physically move you, you need to move yourself. This requires 100% focus, which promotes a type of meditative state of concentration. Studies have shown that engaging in this type of “flow” increases feelings of calm and happiness.

Reason #4. Musicality. In virtual lessons, you will need to truly hear and understand the beat of the music, and match your movements to the music without your instructor physically doing it for you. This will greatly deepen the feeling and musicality of your dancing.

Reason #3. Repetition. Virtual lessons require more focus on fewer patterns. This will greatly increase your muscle memory and understanding of each pattern and technique.

Reason #2. Virtual lessons keep everyone dancing at a time when we all need it more than ever.

And the number 1 reason for taking virtual dance lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Whitefish Bay:

Your health. Dancing will increase your heart rate, move your muscles, burn calories, keep you limber, and generally make you HAPPY and HEALTHY!

Don’t wait. Sign up now.

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