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Samba originated in Brazil as a social dance with upbeat and lively music. This Afro-Brazilian style of dance is a fusion from both cultures. The heart of this music is the drum, which resonates a specific split of two beats of music: 3/4, 1/4, 4/4. This split of music creates a distinctive “samba bounce.” Today, the Samba is danced both socially and competitively. The movements in competitive samba are inspired by 8 different rhythms! Some of the staple steps unique to samba are the batucada, the maxixe, and the compaso!

Paso Doble

Pasodoble, meaning double step, was originally inspired for the Spanish military in the 17th when the militants marched to a specific rhythm of music. Centuries later, the music was used in the bull fights in Spain. The bull fights created a character and story for how this dance is done today. Pasodoble features strong, aggressive, and enticing movements the reflect how bullfighters use their cape to rile up the bull. At the end of every Pasodoble, only the bull or matador is left standing!


Jive emerged in the Latin genre in the 1940’s. Dancers in Europe were inspired by the jitterbug and rock n’ roll style of dancing in America. To make the Jive a more competitive style of dance, the tempo of music was increased. This speed change allowed jive dancers to feature more kicks, flicks, and faster spins than all of the other swing dances. If you are looking for a more athletic style of swing or want great cardio exercise, the Jive is sure to take your breath way!

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