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If you’re passionate about country music and desire to learn this lively and diverse style of dance, you’re in the right place. Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay Dance Studio offers country dance lessons that are taught by certified instructors who share your passion for country and will prepare you for your competition or night out at the honky tonk or club. Learn which dances comprise our Country Western Syllabus here.

Progressive Two-Step

Originating in Europe, this country western routine is as fun and energetic as the music it’s set to, as the partner dance requires fast-moving and fluid motions. Its classic quick-quick-slow-slow step pattern also features a distinctive series of rapid spins and turns, which our instructors will break down simply to ensure you are able to bring this exciting and popular country dance with you wherever you go.

Country Western Waltz

This partner dance combines an elegant ballroom style with country’s fast and modern tempos for a six-step count routine that is performed in three-quarter time. The distinctive one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm pattern incorporates a series of turns and spins to move the dancers around the dance floor at a faster speed and in a straighter line than in the traditional Ballroom Waltz. At Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay Dance Center, you’ll pick up the essential foundation needed to perform these moves and confidence to convey each element with passion.

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Country Swing

Often referred to as the “Four-Count” or “Pony Swing,” the Country Swing is often the go-to option for crowded dance floors at country establishments across the country. It involves a four-count pattern which dancers utilize to perform a rock step, a basic movement allowing for quick shifts in body weight. From there, dancers then execute a number of moves, including the Basic, Turning Basic, Push-Pull, Pretzel and Butterfly, that all feature unique characteristics and will be taught in an easy manner by our certified dance instructors.

West Coast Swing

This style of country western dance gets its name due to the fact that it originated west of the Mississippi, but now, the West Coast Swing is popular across the country. It features movements through a slot, which can be around nine feet long for slower songs and shorter at faster tempos. The leader is constantly on the move as the partner moves back and forth within the slot. Both partners utilize taps, shuffles, coaster steps and push-and-pull action, which will be covered in your country dance lessons at Arthur Murray Whitefish Bay Dance Center.

Texas Two-Step

Perfect for beginners, the Texas Two-Step (also known as the Country-Western Two-Step) is a fast and fun routine that will teach you moves that are applicable to many other styles of dance. Ideal for slower tempos, it features one partner leading the other with circular movements that allow dancers to travel in a counterclockwise motion across the dance floor. It is popular not only in the country scene but also at special events of all themes, and our instructors are happy to prepare you for wherever you’ll be two-stepping.

Country Shuffle

The Country Shuffle is considered a western take on the Polka. Instead of hopping and bouncing shuffles, it involves more of a fluid step that includes alternating triple steps with a quick-quick-slow pattern. It is performed in conjunction with fast-paced music and triple steps to the left to start, followed by triple steps to the right. With similarities to other western dances, we’ll ensure you’re able to distinguish between every style during your country dance lessons.

Country Triple

With origins in East Coast Swing, the Country Triple replaces the swing’s rock step with walking steps to help the dance progress across the floor. While it follows the same standard procedures as every other partner dance, there are specific steps that must be learned that also allow your creative juices to flow. Each complete basic step takes six full beats, and our instructors will walk you through the pattern so you can correctly perform the dance in a counterclockwise motion.

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