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Competitive Dance Lessons

Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay

Do you want to compete?! Competition lessons will take your dancing to a whole new level. You can choose to make your lessons causal, serious, or somewhere in between, and we will still have a lot of fun learning! Regardless of the intensity of our learning, competition lessons will develop your dancing skills at a much faster rate! We will focus more on the athletic side to dancing, and less on the social aspects. You will learn the nuances to how to dance like a pro! The dance secrets will be unveiled, and you will begin to acquire more grace, poise, and rhythm that all good dancers have.

At Arthur Murray, our competitions are called Dance-O-Ramas! You compete against others in your age category and level of dancing. But there are several ways you can participate. If you want the feeling of competing with less pressure and judgement, you can dance your heart out during the Regular Events. The Regular Events allow you to dress the part, dance what you’ve learned, and test your skills amongst your peers without the pressure of winning or losing. If you are more determined to see where your dancing skills are in comparison to others in your level, then you want to compete in the All-Around category. You will experience a competition like a pro. You will need to impress the judges to make it to the next round. If you make it to the final round, you will be placed and awarded as a top dancer at your level!

Regardless if you want to compete for fun, or take it more seriously, the atmosphere at an Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama is an amazing experience. It is friendly, exciting, full of activities and shows, good food, good company, and lots of dancing. You will make wonderful memories meeting other teachers, students, and the judges. Also, we have competitions all over the world including Japan, Croatia, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Australia, Peru, Quebec, Greece, and much more. If you want more adventure in your life, then you will love to compete with us!

Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay
Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay
Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay
Arthur Murray Dance Center Whitefish Bay

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